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How to Overcome 4 Major Challenges to Regain Control of Your MLS's Leads

April 24 2023

Many associations, MLSs, and brokers are chasing the same goal: to regain control of their leads from third-party portals.

However, in today's competitive real estate landscape, none of these organizations have the resources to overcome these four major challenges:

  1. MLSs, brokers, and associations don't have the billions of dollars needed to compete with portals.
  2. Real estate organizations need to build a front-end that is fast, SEO friendly and responsive enough to compete with third-party portals.
  3. They must develop a back-end that is cloud-based and scalable in order to handle a large volume of traffic.
  4. MLSs, brokers, and associations need to keep their maintenance and hosting costs manageable as most of them don't have enough technical human resources onboard.

Unfortunately, many give up on this idea due to the difficulty of overcoming all four challenges simultaneously. Large listing portals have the resources to optimize their front-end technologies for SEO and maintain an expensive cloud structure.That's where MLS Router can help with all of these challenges.

Three years ago, Realtyna embarked on a journey to solve this puzzle, resulting in the creation of MLS Router™. This RESO Web API service offers an SDK to develop any on-the-fly API based front-end on a super fast underlying cloud structure. Lavender RESO Web API Front-end pack is a good example.

PageSpeed Insights is a Google tool that can show you the metrics of the web page based on four factors: performance, accessibility, best practices and SEO in your website.

With this tool, you can test your website's critical pages—for instance, the property details page.

Realtyna's PageSpeed Insights results were impressive, with an overall score above 90, while large-scale portals often receive scores below 75 on the same property details page.

Here is an example of the results of a mobile/desktop test in one of the consumer-facing portals:

rna mls router 1


rna mls router 2

This overall rate is critical because in SEO, the winner takes all. Even a slight edge in SEO and other scores can exponentially increase the chance of a user clicking on your property details page.

rna mls router 3

In addition to front-end speed, MLS Router™ also provides significant back-end cost savings. Maintaining and developing an efficient database and back-end set can cost thousands of dollars. With this solution, no database hosting is needed, and the back-end is fully offered as an API-as-a-service at a fraction of the cost.

Most RESO Web API gateways are built for importing the data, with milliseconds not being a major concern for such use cases. This can be seen in the limitations set by MLS platforms, including a limited number of hits per second, a requirement to host images yourself, and a maximum number of concurrent connections. These limitations clearly define the boundaries of such services: Do not run on-the-fly services on our RESO Web API Gateway: It's for sync/import only!

In contrast, MLS Router™ offers several packages for on-the-fly use cases, including mobile apps that can load on top of the cloud infrastructure we've created, high-speed web packages for fully customized Next.JS apps over the API-based cloud, and a back-end unified feed for associations and brokers with multiple MLS feeds.

Main Takeaways

  • In the real estate industry, many associations and brokers want to create their own customized apps and websites to regain control of their leads and direct them to their members and agents.
  • However, building a front-end that can compete with larger portals, developing a cloud-based and scalable back-end, and keeping maintenance and hosting costs reasonable are major challenges that many give up on.
  • MLS Router™, created by Realtyna, offers a solution to these challenges by providing an SDK to develop an on-the-fly API based front-end on a super-fast underlying cloud structure that delivers impressive Google Page Insight Tool results.
  • Unlike most RESO Web API gateways that are built for importing data, MLS Router™ offers several packages for on-the-fly use cases, including mobile apps, high-speed web packages, and a back-end unified feed for associations and brokers with multiple MLS feeds.

Request a demo about MLS Router™ cloud infrastructure at: